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What an amazing game. It needs fast tapping ability if you want to beat this game and it can train your reflexes. So if you’re looking for an awesome game, this is the one.


5 stars in App Store Review

it’s got a very nice strategy to it, I really am enjoying it so far. This game is awesome. It is fun to play and kill time. Game have graphics and great sounds, I will share with friends use.


5 stars in App Store Review

All of my friends love this game. We together can have a lot of fun in classroom lol awesome fun game.


5 stars in App Store Review

Are you the fastest gunslinger?

El Bandito is a beautiful and addictive tap-first game.

Play face-to-face with a friend on a single screen in 2, 3 or 4 player mode or sharpen your skills alone in the private battle-field against your device.

Classmates, Colleagues and Family members can now get back to a single table and get lots of fun, laughter and excitement.

Make sure your average draw speed gets better and better everyday because that matters while reporting and competing to Game centre.

A multiplayer game for quick and fast drawing of guns, to shoot your opponent in the wild western style. Always be ready to draw your revolver when a bang appears at center. Nothing matters in this game but a quick reaction. Quickfire, quickdraw whatever they call it, you gotta duel the opponent as soon as possible. A mesmerising wildwest and dueling experience all in your phone.

So…..Are you fast enough?

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Video from the game.